Are excessive traffic fines and debtors’ jails fuelling community tensions in suburban Missouri? Claire’s been in St Louis County, a bizarre patchwork of self-governing little cities. Her BBC World Service Assignment reveals how fines raised from ordinary citizens fund the city governments including in Ferguson where violent riots followed the killing of a young black man by a police officer last year.

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  • There goes the neighbourhood 16 March, 2015 Mr Patel closed his newsagents a few months ago. Shortly after that, the 75 year old  hardware business further up the road shut its doors. Its neighbour, once a bathroom and kitchen design shop is now a giant pound store. Yesterday Impulse Flowers, a local fixture for the past 28 years, lowered the shutters for the last time. The electric lighting show room across the road from the florist had already gone – due to “redevelopment” says the notice stuck on its window. Next door, the manager of its sister store, selling light bulbs of every shape and size, stands in the ...

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Claire Bolderson - Journalist, Commentator, Analyst - former presenter of Newshousr, BBC World Service
Claire Bolderson is a news journalist and documentary maker with more than 25 years experience travelling the world for the BBC. She was presenter of Newshour on the BBC World Service and of Radio 4’s The World Tonight.

Claire was Indonesia Correspondent for the BBC and Financial Times and then BBC Washington Correspondent, developing a specialty in covering US politics and society.

Based in London, Claire is now writing and blogging, mostly about the UK.  As Governor of a local Primary School she has a particular interest in Education. She is also using her extensive experience as a public speaker and host of live events  […]

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