I’ve just competed another documentary for File on 4 on BBC Radio 4, this time on the impact of Coronavirus on mental health in the UK. Could that be the next health pandemic? Recorded almost entirely from home – which was an unusual experience – it includes interviews with some amazing people, living with serious mental health problems, who tell their stories with great honesty and even humour.

Previous programmes I’ve made for the same strand include two on Adult Social Care in England. On Whose Authority? looks at how local authorities are misusing, ignoring or misunderstanding crucial laws on decision making for seriously learning disabled people when they can’t decide for themselves. It follows on from a programme I made earlier this year about people with learning disabilities being pushed towards the “supported living” model of care.  Our investigation found it can be very unsafe – and uncaring.

Links to more of my programmes for BBC Radio 4 and World Service can be found on the Radio Journalism page of this website.

Claire Bolderson - Journalist, Commentator, Analyst - former presenter of Newshousr, BBC World Service
Claire Bolderson is a journalist and documentary maker with more than 25 years experience at the BBC where she was presenter of Newshour on the BBC World Service and of Radio 4’s The World Tonight.

Claire was Indonesia Correspondent for the BBC and Financial Times and then BBC Washington Correspondent, developing a specialty in covering US politics and society.

Based in London, Claire continues to make documentaries for the BBC while also training academics in the communications skills needed to share their research with the media, policy makers and public.

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