Claire’s covering the Scottish Referendum on Independence for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and the Toledo Blade. You can read her articles from Edinburgh, Glasgow and London here

Is “Obamacare” working? Claire’s been looking at the impact of President Obama’s big health reforms in a documentary for the BBC’s Assignment programme. You can listen to her report from Kentucky, here.

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  • What’s the Private Sector ever done for us? 25 November, 2014 I’m all for breaking down the barriers between private and state education. But I can’t help feeling we in the state sector may have more to teach exclusive fee-paying schools than they have to teach us. An example? Well, put your science hats on for a moment – as we were asked to do last night, in a hall packed with excited kids and proud parents celebrating science and technology at Gillespie Primary School. The north London school (full disclosure, I’m vice-chair of governors) is the first in the capital to set up a fully equipped science and “making stuff” space under an ...

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Claire Bolderson - Journalist, Commentator, Analyst - former presenter of Newshousr, BBC World Service
Claire Bolderson is a news journalist and documentary maker with more than 25 years experience travelling the world for the BBC. She was presenter of Newshour on the BBC World Service and of Radio 4’s The World Tonight.

Claire was Indonesia Correspondent for the BBC and Financial Times and then BBC Washington Correspondent, developing a specialty in covering US politics and society.

Based in London, Claire is now writing and blogging, mostly about the UK.  As Governor of a local Primary School she has a particular interest in Education. She is also using her extensive experience as a public speaker and host of live events  […]

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