Claire’s been in St Louis County Missouri which is made up of a bizarre patchwork of self-governing little  cities. Does the way they’re run fuel tensions with local communities of the type we saw in the Ferguson riots? Hear Assignment on BBC World Service now, and on BBC Radio 4 in early April.

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  • Government Gradgrinds On 2 February, 2015 Michael Gove may have left the Department for Education but his Gradgrindian spirit lives on. It’ll be “Fact fact fact” all day every day if the Conservatives win the election in May. Times tables will be recited to perfection. Spelling, punctuation and grammar will be spot on. Headteachers could be removed from their jobs if a single number, comma or full stop goes astray. So in keeping with the demands of Dickens’ censorious headmaster, here are a few “facts” the government might like to keep in mind. If Headteachers are removed, they will have to be replaced. There is already a national shortage ...

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